We Put Our Hearts into Bringing You Quality!


We strive to look for the purest ingredients for our soaps, because we want to offer you the best of hand made soaps & bath products! We want you to experience the same soft skin, and worry free bathing as we have discovered. Why did we decide to make our own soaps and bath products? Well, let me tell you:

We were tired of how dry our skin was getting all the time, especially in the winter. Frustrated really, because all the products we would buy and use, were claiming to be moisturizing! They would claim to have "this oil" or "that butter," and of course in researching the oils and butters, we learned what they did for the skin. These products weren't working, and the soaps we were buying were continuing to dry out our skin.

We decided to try making our own, and pick oils and butters that targeted our biggest skin issues. The transition was so quick, and the results we got only encouraged us to share this with everyone we could!


It was amazing to us that we (my mother and I) could remain the "obsessive hand washers" that we are, and still have soft and moisturized skin. Our essential oil soaps and plain/unscented soaps came first, we wanted to combine our research and knowledge of essential oils into our soaps. Then we decided to have a little fun with our fragrances, which still offer the same clean feeling, and moisture that our originals do!

​We sincerely hope you enjoy our products, check back later to see our new products as we develop them! Feel free to reach out to us, we would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and even requests!

Meet Our Team of Designers/Soap Makers!

Kristen Posten

Owner/Curator, Designer/Maker, Marketer/Customer Service

Wife to the most wonderful man ever, mom to 28 animals, soap maker, quilter, farmer... Loves gardening and canning, making maple syrup, spending time with the cows, spoiling my puppies, cooking/baking... Always learning new things!

Christine Mayer

Owner, Designer/Maker, Shipper/Customer Service, Public Relations

Married to the most wonderful intelligent man, raised two great kids who each put a wonderful imprint on this world! Loves soaping, Quilting, gardening, canning foods, creating essential oil blends, researching anything she can about natural health!

C.J. Harris

Designer, Maker, Marketer

Excellent soap maker and designer! He adds a male perspective to our creations, and is very meticulous when designing and creating! Loves golf, fixing computers, and the outdoors! Extremely valued member of our team!

Behind the Scenes!

John Mayer

Photographer, Shop Builder/Maint., Soap Cutter/Mold Designer

Loves working with leather to design and create gun holsters/computer bags/belts and virtually anything with leather. Extremely mechanically inclined. "Jack of all trades, master of most!"

Brian Posten

Shop Builder/Maint., Transportation/Marketer, Shipper/Soap Cutter Designer

Loves his farm, hunting, working with wood, welding, learning how everything works and is made, fabricating tools and equipment, mechanically inclined, and has an unmatched dedication, work ethic, and work stamina! Farmers stop when the job is done!